Two New Security Reports for Umbrella!




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    Have a question. Big Umbrella fan, but have an enhancement request. 

    We are using Umbrella in a multi-org setup, with each of our colleges as a sub-org. At the main multi-org level, we'd like to grant admin modification rights only to the global block list. That's not currently possible, but would be a great help i.e. I could add the admins from the sub-orgs to the multi-org, and without giving them access to modify everything, let them modify the global block. That way, if any of the orgs see something bad, it can be added to all our our global block lists. 

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    Matt Prytuluk

    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for reaching out!  If it's not too big of a hassle, do you mind submitting this item to the support team ( so they file it formally as a feature request and possibly ask you some follow-up questions to define the need.


    Thanks again!


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