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My Roaming Computers don't sync their names, how can I do this? [Updated]



  • jselix

    This did the trick for me! We had implemented anyconnect vpn and umbrella module in our intial win10 images and in turn all of our computers were showing the same default pc name our image starts with.

    I created a script that just ran msiexec to remove the umbrella module  part and then had it reinstall the module.  Once the module was reinstalled, i then call the vpnui.exe to start the anyconnect client again and then verify that the device name that shows in the umbrella module is the proper name and also shows on the opendns dashboard too. 


  • rayatest1990

    is it available to group roaming computers to be used in different polices ??

    I mean to group 10 Roaming clients under IT group to be used in policy specific for IT and another 200 for sales and so on to ease from policy usage


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