Using Umbrella SSO (SAML) with a Multi-Org console



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    Hi Alexander,

    I'm very confused in regards to Umbrella's SAML capabilities.  The Overview portion of this article explicitly states that SSO is not available for the MSSP portal, then the article goes on to explain how it *is* possible.  This leaves me with a few questions:

    1. "SSO configuration is not available for any accounts part of a MSSP, PPoV, or other console that makes use of the Cisco OneIdentity login."  Does this refer to MSSP admin accounts only?  Or does this mean that any customer account created via an MSSP portal will be unable to configure their own SAML provider?
    2. How is the Single Sign On dummy organization different than any other customer organization provisioned through an MSSP portal?  Can the expiration date be extended indefinitely?
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