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How to Contact Umbrella Support



  • tony.pham

    I suggest having the option for customers to be able to rate their tickets based on severity or impact. I get replies from the Support Platform in days or a week. That's way too long for critical requests.

  • metzlerc

    I used the portal to open a request and received no initial email. After two days of waiting I sent email to the support address and got an initial email but after 4 days have not been assigned or contacted. I think Umbrella needs more support engineers maybe. 

  • ulincho

    what's the phone number to get phone support if no one has responded to my case yet?

  • wlawrence

    I have had an open ticket for about two weeks now about an issue affecting our production environment.  A clear path to escalation would be greatly appreciated when answers or even just responses to cases are required in a timely manner.


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