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Umbrella Compatibility with macOS Big Sur




    Big Sur is out, and onto the next major patch revision level 11.3.1. Using system extensions or not is a big hurdle to overcome among many other technical challenges. Testing functionality between the roaming client and the Anyconnect versions alone; production, BETA, against various configuration options is beyond a fulltime job in my opinion.

    Anyway a single client "shell`" could be published through the respective "big techs" app stores to include a configuration "dashboard" with pre-flight and "post flight testing reports" of the results? At the end of the day, every environment is unique. Securing DNS traffic, enhancing visibility, and network and application control across hybrid environments possibly could be handled smoother, mobile device to thick client as an authorized application.

    just a thought

  • Eden

    Hi there, thank you for your feedback. Our engineers are currently working on a fix and should be rolled out sometime in May. 


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