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How to: Open/check support tickets using the Umbrella Support Platform

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How-to articles describe how to use a specific product or feature without additional troubleshooting steps. They should only cover a single feature or task and structured in a numerical list form.


If there are prerequisites to complete that will enable the reader to follow this guide, include them in a bulleted list here. Provide any links to articles that may provide additional context or specific software downloads. 

How To: [Task]

Briefly describe the task the customer is looking to accomplish that the article will cover. Be sure to include any links that provide additional context as necessary, or any relevant articles to assist the reader's task completion.


Jump to:

Step 1: [Title of step] Give each step a short but descriptive title to give readers the ability to navigate quickly.

Step 2: [Title] 

Step 1:

Avoiding jargon, detail each step in procedural order. Include annotated screenshots to guide the reader along through each task.

Step 2: 

At the conclusion of the final step, emphasize the successful outcome the reader should expect at the completion of the steps in this guide.

Additional Resources:

Conclude the article with support resources in the case the reader still has further questions or needs additional assistance.